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Website updates


6/28 -- UNDERTAKER and his dutiful keeper of the sacred urn, PAUL BEARER featured on the left and right interior page liners (including extra) of Delivery Monsters 4.

9/25 -- With Vicious Visions' 10th Anniversary edition of the Plots-n-Tombstones' Windowknocker approved as an exclusive presentation featured on the �Burnt Offerings� messageboard at last year, it became increasingly obvious that offering it at VV�s board, or just generally the maintenance of two separate messageboards to worry about at all, was entirely --if not ridiculous-- unnecessary.

The cult classic, Windowknocker
'Lord Kane the Undertaker'

10/19 -- Welcome Halloween! And just in time for this spooky time of the year, Vicious Visions has added several more illustrations (both brand-new & classic) from the Plots-n-Tombstones Mark Callaway (Calaway) Fanclub artistic library:

Added 3 new illustrations to the ART OF THE UNDERTAKER FOX, one of which features the Fox�s original, first-ever, pre-PNT drawing, as well as a brand, spanking new 2008 updated version of the Fox --the first brand-new addition of the Fox in Black in six years in current ring attire!

Added a brand new PNT arts gallery, PNT DARKARTS COLLECTION featuring 6 illustrations from the fanclub's art collection, 3 are brand-new for October 2011.

Added 4 new illustrations to the ART OF WINDOWKNOCKER, 1 brand-new for 2011, 2 novel illustrations, & 1 stationary art piece.

8/18 -- Dare ye venture forth into a world of darkness .... Curious about some of those untold origins of Kane? Available online for the first time in six years, VICIOUS VISIONS Inc. proudly presents, The Windowknocker.

First released in 1993, the wildly popular Windowknocker WWE fiction series which told the story of the phoenix, Kandle, (Kane the Undertaker) the 300+ year old tragic, immortal spirit of the vessel born of fire and ash, was the 'Plots-n-Tombstones' Mark Callaway (Calaway) Fanclub's single most LARGEST collection of written works.

Enjoy learning the complete uncensored HISTORY OF THE WINDOWKNOCKER about the creation and facts behind this gothic classic in full, rich detail complete with over 80 ORIGINAL STORYBOOK ILLUSTRATIONS featuring Kandle, The Undertaker, Kane, and more!